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    IWP v PHP



      IWP v PHP

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      I've created a database that uses lookup fields from other filemaker databases and sql server. I also have a layout that is printed when a button is clicked. Everything works fine and dandy in FileMaker Pro, however........when I use IWP none of these features work. The lookup fields from sql server databases remain empty and the ones from FileMaker databases produce errors.


      Am I correct in thinking that the print script assigned to the button doesn't work using IWP (even though FileMaker Tech support say it does).


      Can I resolve all these problems by using PHP??

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          Hi mac23,

          Thanks for posting.  You are correct in thinking that the print script step is not compatible with IWP.  For verification, if you edit a script in ScriptMaker (or create a new one), there is a checkbox at the bottom of the left hand corner of the script window that indicates Web Compatibility.  You'll find that printing is an incompatible script step. 


          The language PHP has printing functionality, but FileMaker scripts that include non-Web Compatible script steps will not run if the FileMaker database is hosted using the PHP Site Assistant.  


          Let me know if there is anything else I can clarify for you.



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