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IWP vs. PHP?

Question asked by CDCASA on Dec 1, 2011
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IWP vs. PHP?

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Hi, I am trying to determine if I can get away with buying the FM Server rather than the FM Server Advanced and the main question is whether I will be able to get my databases up and running easily enough using PHP. I would like to avoid paying the extra cost for the Advanced version, however, I also need to have my databases available online by the end of next week and I am unsure of whether I can learn/understand/setup PHP well enough by that time. Currently I already have IWP set up for my databases but they are only accessible in network since I do not have FM Server yet. I guess what I am asking is what are the advantages/disadvantages of using PHP vs. IWP despite the difference in cost for the Server software? Also, if PHP seems to be the best choice, is it probable that I can get my database up and in good order  in one week using PHP if I am completely new to it? I have read about the PHP Site Assistance that the FM Server involves but I am still a little unsure of whether or not I can figure it out in time. Thanks.