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iwp_home.html - where do I find this file?

Question asked by BrettAllan on Nov 11, 2010
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iwp_home.html - where do I find this file?

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We are running FMServerAdv 11v2 on MacOSX Server 10.6 . The document states we can edit the standard html to customise for our needs....

see text from the FM11AdvSrv instant web publishing guide PDF... Chapter 3, page 23 of the PDF

"If you are hosting databases with FileMaker Server Advanced, place the custom home page in the Web Publishing/IWP folder where FileMaker Server is installed (Windows) or in the /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/IWP folder (Mac OS). 

You can use the iwp_home.html file that is on your product CD as a basis for your custom home page. Be sure to make a copy of the original file before modifying it. Or you can create your own home page, such as one that redirects web users to another page on your web site.

If there is no file named iwp_home.html in the Webfolder (FileMakerPro, FileMakerProAdvanced) or the iwp folder (FileMaker Server Advanced), Instant Web Publishing uses the default Database Homepage."

Few issues here... there is no CD - everything is deleivered electronically and there is no file mentioned. There is no default database homepage that I can find in the locations mentioned either... there is a phantom mapping that FMADv Server creates for the browser... <ip addres>/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_home.html - this can also not be found... even searching for the html file name, the gifs/image names inside the html finds nothing on the machine... so where is everything?

So can someone tell me how to edit the default FMAdvSrv 11 web page so I can customise it for our business and where should these file be? I'm a bit lost here! The documentation is not accurate.

Anyone know?