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    Java and Filemaker 12/13



      Java and Filemaker 12/13

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      Hello All,

      Just a post to start a discussion about FilerMaker's handling of Java.  Since Java 7 is almost at "end of update life"  don't you think that FileMaker should be supporting the current version of Java 8 in both FMS 12 & 13 which I have running at my clients.  The tech community ( myself included ) is always preaching "keep up to date" with security fixes for software, yet FileMaker is only officially supporting a Java version that is already 1 generation old and about to be put out to pasture.  I think that FileMaker should stay up to date and support the latest versions of Java if they continue to use it.  Comments?  especially from FileMaker.

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          I'm not from FileMaker but I agree with you on this. Several users, undoubtedly prompted by OS X promptings, have updated to Jave 8.x and found out later that FMS is not compatible. Luckily it's not difficult to uninstall Java and downgrade.

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            Markus Schneider

            It's complex, complicated )-:

            I'm afraid that java is no longer usable for 'industrial' applications. An industrial application is an app' that has to do one thing: Run... for a long time...

            I used to do any XML stuff with Oxygen - now, it asks me to have a java-6 environment installed.. I dumped Oxygen and bought Xmplify, that serves my basic needs. Maybe I got not the very latest release (but it was one of the latest) - I don't care. (When I desperately needed Oxygen, I was on the field, no internet, I just forgot Oxygen after updating to Yosemite...)

            A new OS every year, other software will be updated as well in other frequencies - means the every couple of months we got the same. sigh.

            I really don't want to 'be' FileMaker - they are suffering from OSX updates, iOS updates, Win updates - and Java updates among others. IMHO it's impossible to maintain a software under those circumstances.

            But to go back to thread: I would love to have a server administration that doesn't rely on any uncontrolled 3rd party software - even when it's a pure terminal app (at the moment we can't do every thing using the terminal). And yes - the latest software versions should work, a server IS an industrial application