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Java and Filemaker Server 11

Question asked by oeplummer on Nov 26, 2013
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Java and Filemaker Server 11

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     With an update for Filemaker Server 11, it was required to install Java 7. So I did as the instructions said on the database server, a Macintosh Pro running OS X Lion Server. I also installed Java 7 on the computer usually used to administer Filemaker Server 11 remotely. Having done thus, I could not use the java admin console on the database server itself, but had no problems using the link on the remote computer to evoke the admin console on the database server remotely.

     I just assumed that the Apple update containing an update to Java 6 had somehow messed up the java setup on the database server itself. But since I could still administer the database server remotely as I usually did, I did not worry. Most of comments on the web dealt with returning to Java 6, which did not seem a real option, given the Filemaker Server update's requirement for Java 7.

     However, currently I cannot even evoke the Filemaker Server admin console remotely, perhaps because of the various updates to Java 6 and 7.

     Neither the command line commands java -v or java_home give any indication of Java 7 on the database server. Only Java 1.6 is listed. The system preference Java app displays a blank window that has active areas. A click on the window in appropriate areas based on a functioning Java System Preference app on another computer seems to change the unseen information on the app's window.

     One solution on the web is to install the Java 7 development kit rather than the runtime. Has anyone successfully dealt with this situation?