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    Java Problem



      Java Problem

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           I just installed the FM Server trial and I can't get past the Java install screen.  I updated the Java version to latest.  I uninstalled all Java and reinstalled to latest.  Still get the install Java 6 prompt. Also several reboots.  I'd like to use this software, but this simple issue does not instill confidence.  Any help will be appreciated.

           Dave Gibson

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          Markus Schneider

               What OS? What version? Without some more details, 's hard to tell...

               (sorry about typos, but I'tired trying to fix typos on an iPad with this forum-software)

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                 Sorry, it's Windows 7 Enterpise and I was trying to use IE 8 (don't laugh, these are office standards).  Anyway, I contacted customer service and they suggested I try another browser, so I installed Chrome (not office standard) and it worked fine.  I'd still like to figure out the IE problem. I suspect it's an active-x issue.