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jbdc, fm 11 server advanced, blobs

Question asked by OnnoTijdgat on Jul 7, 2010
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jbdc, fm 11 server advanced, blobs

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I am using FM 11 Server Advanced as a data source in a Java/jsp project. The connection with the database is made thru jdbc.

In principle this works fine. However, I am having trouble retrieving the contents of FM container fields. In principle I should be able to do something like xyz.getBlob(colIdx) to get a Blob object refering to the FM container. xyz is a ResultSet object containing the result of an SQL query.

However this blob object is always null. Inspecting the Resultset shows that indeed the container fields are always null. (Yes, the DB has data of various forms in all container fields). The field type returned is -4, LONGVARBINARY, which is correct.

What am i doing wrong? I tried a simple SELECT *, SELECT GetAs() and i never get any non null data.

Is there sample code that shows how one can retrieve Container data in Java/jdbc.

Inserting blobs does work though :)