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Just an update...

Question asked by mark_d2x on Nov 12, 2009


Just an update...

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Hi everyone,


I would like to take this opportunity to give everyone a big thank you for their help in getting my first relational database up and running.  While this has been a steep learning curve it was no where near the vertical climb i thought it would be.  


Phase 1 is complete - the database is now up and running and is about to be deployed.  I have managed to enter about 100,000 data items for just over 300 patients.


I  am now looking to develop the solution further integrating it to other databases.


A couple of questions.. 


I have been asked to look at how i can look into another database (with results from blood tests) and display them as a graph within FMP.


I have read some of the previous answers about graphs and have downloaded the free version of  Fusion Charts - this seems a tad difficult to get my head around - any suggestions for something easier? Or is my learning curve about to go steep again?


The next bit is confusing me, we already have FMP sever running one database, is is ok to have another virtual server with FMP running concurrently on the same network?  Presumably as the IP addresses will be different it will be ok to run 2 separate instances?    Is it better to run 1 database per FMP server?


The last thing is that today... I was asked why i decided to use FMP over SQL - my answer was that SQL seemed a step too far in difficulty for me and that the advantages of FMP layouts are far superior for entering lots of complex data ;-)