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Keeping data history for a field?

Question asked by dinora on Apr 26, 2009
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Keeping data history for a field?

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I have a list of clients, and a list of travel agents (Two Tables)


A travel agent can have many clients -  But a client can only be assigned to a travel agent at a particular time. 

From time to time, clients move from one travel agent to another, so I will have to change the travel agent for that particular client.  Is there any way I can keep history of the travel agents that have been assigned to this client?


So if John Doe belongs to Travel Agent "A" today, yet next year John Doe comes back to me and tells me he does no longer work with Travel Agent A but works now with travel Agent "B" - Is there any way to then keep history so I know that last year this client worked with Travel Agent A and now is working with Travel Agent B??