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Lasso won't connect to FMSA 11.0v5

Question asked by KellyMcCollum on Jul 22, 2013


Lasso won't connect to FMSA 11.0v5

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     Last week, I updated from Server Advanced 11.0v3 to 11.0v5 after experiencing some issues with an OS X java update.

     We have a number of legacy Web applications running on a Lasso server, and I discovered this morning that Lasso will not start, apparently due to an inability to connect to the data source -- the FMSA server. I can't say for sure yet, but the Filemaker Server update would seem to be a likely cause. 

     Is there any obvious reason this would be the case? 

     And is there a simple way to downgrade back to v3 or v4?