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Launch pad - separate table?

Question asked by FilmUser on Jun 13, 2015


Launch pad - separate table?

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Filemaker 13 Advanced - Mac OS 10.10.3

I'm developing a small data base for a church, typical tables for contacts, families, donations, activities, etc.

I am going to set up a layout to which the data base will open, having navigation / activity buttons for users to click to take them to the layout / table in which they wish to work.

I have seen this "launchpad" in other data bases as either it's own table with no fields, to a layout based on the "main, or primary" table in the data base, with no fields placed on it, just the buttons.

There is no real "main" table, all relationships are for sharing data, but I don't think of any of the tables as being the primary one.

Does any of this matter, and does anyone have any tips for setting this up?