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License conflict with client on hosted server

Question asked by Pindy on Mar 6, 2009
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License conflict with client on hosted server

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Boy this blows. I'm getting the Maximum number of Users message because of a user using another database on a hosted FM10 server—nobody I know or is on my network. The message gives a username and an IP address which is unreleated to mine. I confirmed with the host company that the user has another database on the same server. Since the license is my own, and I cannot think how this other client could have hacked it, I wonder if this is either a FM10 bug or if my license has been randomly made with a key-gen by this person—by total coincidence—or did the FM10 server somehow share my information or allow a breach of security of another kind?


Either way, I'm dead in the water until they quit and being the rightful licensee, this seriously angers me. The fact I cannot get ahold of Filemaker, Inc. only adds to it.