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license issue when using separation model

Question asked by willrollo on Mar 12, 2014


license issue when using separation model

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     I have a database program file that I have on my laptop. I have altered my external datasources to reflect my database function when i am not working with the same network as my FMS12. This is mainly for when I am at home and wish to connect to y database at work,, using my static public IP. 

     On PhilMOdJunk's suggestion, I have added the public IP and file as an additional file path. FM should connect to my local IP first, and in the event that it cannot connect, (ie when I am at home) it will tryo to connect to my work  IP

     However when I set it up I get this message:

     The maximum number of licensed users are currently using this copy of FileMaker Pro. Please refer to the License Key section of your software documentation for further instructions.
     The license key conflict is with the computer I am actually using..
     I only have one copy of FM13 on my mac. my mac server that I connect to did have a copy of FMpro, until i replaced it with FSM12...
     Can anyone suggest what I can do?