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    License Type: Shipping



      License Type: Shipping

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      FMP Server on Win 2003 Server


      I recently updated my server from Server 9 to Server 11.  I noticed after the installation that the License Type shows up as "Shipping" .  I re-entered my license key but it didn't make a change to the license type./  Should I be worried.  I have a FPS11 Advanced license.


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           I am experincing this after I just upgraded from 10 Advanced.  did you resolve your issue?

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                 Same here after updating server on Mac OS 10.7.5 to version License type: Shipping. Does it matter and does our FileMaker server keep working? Means "Shipping" a sort of trial-status, or is is equal to Registered?

            When the server quits working after a few days I really have an issue here..

                 (Upgrading was not easy, we had to do a full install again and after that Java (latest version) was not able to open the Admin Console. The FMS 11 Start Page did not download the neccesary file to deploy the server again, only by ctrl-click the link "click here if the admin console did not launch automatically" and "Save download as..." we were able to download it to our desktop. After that we had to appoint Java Web Start as the application to open this and all other .jnlp files to get it working.

                 Update: after the latest Security Update Java says I have to update to Java 7 v.21, while that version is already installed. Admin Console does not work anymore. Deleting Java cache and files does not solve the problem)

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                   There is a way to downgrade to Java 6, it makes the Admin Console work again.