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licensing issue?

Question asked by dohc97 on Jul 22, 2011


licensing issue?

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I recently built a windows 2008 R2 Standard 64 bit server and installed Filemaker 11 in it.  I built this for our Filemaker person.  After building the new server, I copied over the databases.  I then disjoined the old server, abcd, from the domain and shut it down.  I renamed the new server to use the same name of the old server, abcd.  I gave the new server the same static ip address of the old server.  The server came up properly and our FM guy eyeballed it and was satisfied with it.  The following morning, we were told that the new server shut down and has the following message;

Another copy of Filemaker server is already running with this license key.  This copy of Filemaker server will not open any databases, but will allow updating the license key in the Admin console.

I am not really sure if it is a licensing issue or if it has anything to do with giving it the same name as the old server which has been decommisioned.