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    link to folder unique to a record



      link to folder unique to a record

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      I read several posts about linking to folders using calculations and such, but this doesn't seem to answer my need.

      I have records unique to jobs for multiple clients.  Each client in turn has a folder which holds a folder for each job.  Sadly, a container doesn't appear to allow placing a folder in it; only a file.

      I am also concerned with having to show data entry staff how to create the link manually for every record.

      Any ideas on perhaps how to trick that container field into allowing a folder link?

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          This may not be the answer you're looking for, but 360Work's product, SuperContainer, supports what you're wanting to do.  I've used SuperContainer to build a document management system to store and retrieve documents in a rather complex nested set of folders based on project, month, and client.  I've done a similar thing with a help desk ticking system in which e-mail attachments from clients are stored in folders related to the ticket.