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Linked Databases / Server Side Script appears not to work

Question asked by StefanSmith4873 on Aug 26, 2011
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Linked Databases / Server Side Script appears not to work

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I have a problem with a server side script running on a linked database. 

I have two databases.  MASTER and SLAVE.

In the master database I store some information in tables in SLAVE.  The linking it setup and works fine.

I have a script that looks at some values in MASTER --- and creates NEW records in slave.  The fields in slave are simple - text, numbers, that's about it.

If I open FMP Pro client and run the script it works beautifully!  No issues.  If I set the script to run automatically on FMP Server, no records are created at all!

In fact, I have several linked databases and I have only just discovered the server scripts seem not to work.

Now, all the databases I use have the same login username and passwords in each.

When we interact with layouts this has meant that when information is accessed in another database we are not asked to login to that database.  So, I know in terms of permissions all works great.

It's just the server script that doesn't work!

We also access our databases remotely ---- again, all appers to work as in the background data is accessed from more than one database and we never have any persmissions problems or whereby the data cannot be accessed due to filepaths.

The only problem I am having is when the server is running the script or scripts that would require using a table from one of the linked databases.

Is there any reason why this would be?  I am fully aware somethings will not work on a server side script --- is one of those things access to a table that does not exist within the database I am using?

And one final piece of information - all server side scripts we use have the same login information - and that login username and password is the same for ALL databases.  So in theory there should be no permission errors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.