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    Linking video files on IWP



      Linking video files on IWP

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      We have a dbase of video clips. The video clips are viewable through a content field. and each record displays information about the clip and the clip itself.   When I turn on IWP everything on the dbase works except the video clips are not visible.  Please help!  I am using FMP 11

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          Thanks for posting.

          You have stated "I am using FMP 11" so I am assuming FMP 11 is hosting your file.  If this is not the case, please let me know.

          When FileMaker Pro is hosting, referenced movie files need to be stored in the FileMaker Pro 11 folder > Web folder as documented on page 31 of the Instant Web Publishing Guide.

          Try testing this with a test record and video.  Can you see the video when hosted via Instant Web Publishing?

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