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    List Mode printing thru IWP



      List Mode printing thru IWP

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      I want to print out 70+ records of my database from a layout which is setup in list mode, whoever (from the web) the printout only shows 25 records.  What am I missing?

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          In IWP, View as List only displays 25 records at a time, View as Table displays 50.  Also they display as pages in a book, so when you go to next, it displays the next 25 (next page in the book) not the next record.  That is why it is only printing 25 out 70 of your records because on the screen there is only 25. 


          If it is not to much trouble you need to print the page, click next then print again.  Do that until you have all 70 records. 

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               So I guess the "Go To Next" you describe would be a button which moves my record pointer forward by 25.  Odd restriction, this.  Thanks.