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Logout and Login

Question asked by DavidSimmons on Aug 21, 2009
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Logout and Login

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I have an application that needs to stay up during the day, but allow users to login and out. I would like to have the application login them out after no activity over 5 min or have a logout button. But I don't want to have to close Filemaker and re-connect to the Remote Host.  That takes too long. In fact my company hates that step and would like me to have something on the desktop that would start the database application without all the other steps of starting filemaker, selecting the remote server if anyone knows how to do that. This is a retail environment running OSX on the back end and Windows Xp on the front end. What I would like is to have Filemaker start with windows and run a login screen for the application. Really need the help if anyone has ideas on how to accomplish this.