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lookups in a portal

Question asked by grzlyhippo on Feb 2, 2011


lookups in a portal

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Hi  after a 3 years break I'm new to filemaker again!

I have a database which manages projects: Job sheets,Project list and Client Report. I have Converted a start up time Card/Billing Database. 5 Fields from the project management database import into a Lineitems table in the Time database. These are JobNo. PubNo. Status, O_A, Client. I want to use a portal on the timecard table which looks up the other four fields (job details) once the employee inputs the JobNo.

I have used the JobNo. as a relationship between tables (Project manager to Lineitems_IDBilling).

The Portal is placed on Timecards layout (TimeBilling Table) looking up the table Lineitems_IDBilling (Where the project details reside). There are also relationships set up with an Id_Billing in the same table, specific to the date inputted and not the projects. 

At the moment none of the project details are looked up even though the portal works for inputting data directly into edit boxes, and searching using ID-Billing relationship works but not Job No. 

Please Help ..