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Lookups not working through PHP

Question asked by scoops on Feb 19, 2010


Lookups not working through PHP

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windows 2003 - filemaker server 10 advance

Lookup values taken from mysql server (using Mysql Connector-ODBC 5.1.6)


So my problem seems to be on the PHP generated files using the PHP site assistant.  The FM client works fine.  I have a simple table shown below:

The fields "company", "tech name", and "location" are lookup values pulled from a MYSQL database.  Company field is set to display all values but the "tech name" and "location" fields are set to only display the related fields from "company".


FM table















Here is my relationship structure:



























So the problem is on the PHP page when I try to add a new asset, the tech name and location fields are not showing the related fields from company.  For some reason though it does show 1 group of names for one of our customers.  However regardless of what customer is chosen, that same group shows in the drop down list, it never changes.


I found a similar situation here:


However this did not solve my issue.  I did try to re-generate the PHP files just to be sure but the drop down list did not change.  I need this to be a brower base solution since part of our inventory is using a scanner that needs to access the DB through its built in browser (windows Mobile 6.1)


Thanks in advance for any help on this.

-Noel G.