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loosing heart, please help

Question asked by steelbut on May 1, 2010


loosing heart, please help

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I have been building a solution for my company for a long time and for inside the office it works great.  It is about a dozen file sets all working together including drawing from a mysql database remotely through ODBC which drawing from about a dozen web sites and run the business.  


But now I am setting up some web applications to draw data from our server for dealers to use over the internet and I am running into mountains I can not seem to overcome.  They are;

1. Printing and storing a copy of a clean PDF that would be presented through any browser. 

2. If a user goes into one section of the online system, say sample quotes, then goes into another section it will not go to the new section - it will not release to go to another section of the site even if you go all the way out and back in differently until it times out.


A little background; the server is windows 2003 std running FMSA9 and for development FM9 & 10, clients FM9, all clients are xp.

Trying to overcome the printing issue I first bought FMStudio and spent a lot of time and money to try to make  it work - with no help from them.  and once I got the magority to work on the test machines but when I tried different servers the graphics would not work - all the rest work but not the graphics.  Also the control of the text size of style sinks - we finally figured out a way to change the pdf module (from FMStudio) in their programing to adjust it a little.  But the finish product did not look very professional compared to printing pdf out of Filemaker.   So then I bought 360works script trigger and set up another machine with FMA10 and got it to work but I did not seem to be a long term solution.  It was not reliable.  Once any type of error shows up it stopped the whole thing and I had to change it through the admin screen at the office and if you terminal in the user trap of the same licence on the same machine - and (I did not know this) but the terminal user screen is not the same screen you would open as the user at the terminal using windows server 2003 (another machine)  So since I bought FMStudio and all the books I could find and the 360works script trigger it all has cost as much time as money.  And I am loosing heart.


Does anyone out there have any ideas at all as to how to overcome these 2 issues?  Is there an independent contractor that would like some work that has been to the other side of the mountain?


Thanks in advance, Larry