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Lost entire day data after re-boot the server

Question asked by amohager on Jun 4, 2009
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Lost entire day data after re-boot the server

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Currently I have multiple FMP servers instances running on Windows 2003 server,from the 4 running instances one had problem.


Users were not seeing the FMP files on the server. When I logged into FMP server manager I have noticed a Red light next to database server, and below it ODBC Off.  I got with Network Admin and we tried to bring down/up FMP services but that didn't resolve the problem. We reboot the server and finally got the server active again. When I looked at the Windows and FileMaker logs it doesn't tell me anything about the crash. I am on the email alert for any errors (OS/FileMaker).  However, by looking at the logs databases were forced to closed during the reboot and you get all those generic opening/closing (not properly or so on).


I am just trying to understand the reason for losing all the data for that crash day prior to reboot.  The data entered after the reboot is all there but the data before the reboot all gone.


I looked at the log directory and there were couple of dump file with 0 size in there for that day.


I have cache at 700M with flush at 1 minute. How could I lose the data for 6-7 hours prior to re-boot.


Please Help!