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    Mac 10.9.5, Java 8 unsupported?



      Mac 10.9.5, Java 8 unsupported?

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      Hi all.  Happy Friday.  I'm trying to update FMS to 13v5. The updater tells me my version of java is unsupported, and the docs seems to indicate that fms only works with java 7, so ... where do I get java 7 and how do I downgrade?  Java 8 update 31 seems to be what there is.

      Also, something seems screwy anyway, the java error cancel button says "Avbryt". I had to look it up, apparently it thinks I'm in Norway.



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          Well, it seems click OK on the Norwegen prompt let it install anyway.  Very strange.

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            Thank you for the post.


            The recommended version for FileMaker Server 13 is Java 7 update 75. The download can be found at the following link:


            Java 7 update 75


            Additionally, here is a knowledge base article documenting the recommended version:


            FileMaker Server and Java - Overview



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              I had a problem with this as well on a an update. It seems that Java 8 will work, but FMS will not install/update with Java 8. I kept getting cycled through the prompts that it was installing 7.75 and then it would show complete and give me a warning I needed 7.75 and it would install again. Very annoying.

              Had to delete Java 8 app completely and then restart and then install/update FMS with the provided Java version. I had to do it a couple of times for some reason. Eventually it worked out. There are specific instructions for complete removal on the Oracle website.

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                Just adding my experience here. Was running FMS13.04 with Java 8 with no apparent trouble on MacOSX 10.9.5. Tried to update to FMS13.05, got the Norwegian prompt as per OP, clicked OK thinking the install would quit, but it went ahead and installed anyway. Seemed to work OK, until I accessed a file via WebDirect, where the formatting was a mess. Especially on a solution which had been updated from FM11, so not styled. 

                Tried the easy thing first - only deleted Java 8 and installed 7.75 from the link from TSFalcon. And for once in my life, the easy thing seems to have worked.

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                  Thank you for the post and replies.


                  FileMaker Server 13.0v10 was released. “This update installs Java 8 and removes all dependencies on Java 7.”


                  The recommended version of Java for FileMaker Server 13.0v10 is Java 8 Update 45.



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