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Mac Client Disconnecting, delayed Server Response.

Question asked by SteveSwartz on Apr 8, 2014
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Mac Client Disconnecting, delayed Server Response.

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     We have recently setup a FileMaker Server 13, v 13.0.1 on a Mac Mini Server 10.9.2 with server app 3.1.1. There are no services configured in the server app. The only addition service is a backup to a Time Machine server. 

     Were are encountering the user running filemaker pro on a MacBook Air having disconnects with error messages 10 and 51. The disconnects appear to happen 2-4 minutes apart. Other times the user can be connected for a longer period without any issues. Wi-fi for the user is stable and at the time of the disconnects there have been no other connection losses. 

     We have also noticed the system appears to wake from sleep every now and again. Connecting to the web direct take 30 second after a period of inactivity. After the initial connection the server responds quickly. It appears as though some of the network connection is going to sleep and then being woken up. The server is set to never sleep, never turn on screen saver, don't put discs to sleep, and to wake for network access.

     Has anyone experience something similar or have any ideas?