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    Mac mini for server



      Mac mini for server

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      Are there any concerns or issues one might have to use a Mac mini for their FileMaker 10 Server?

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          It depends on the usage: Test server or productive system, small work group or many clients, maybe even web clients?


          One weak point of the Mac Mini is its laptop-type hard disk that has a high risk to fail with data-intensive tasks. Other weaknesses are missing hardware redundacy (disks, power supplies, network adapters) and failover as a good server would offer.


          How much is your data worth to you? 


          If you are a Technet member search the Technet forums for Mac Mini on discussions on this topic.


          Personally, I would never go this route for a productive system. Others mileage may vary. 

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            Mac Mini for server? I dont see any problem...


            Mac Mini im Rechenzentrum


            Oooops, yes, there is a problem. Connect a second hard disk for a regular backup schedule for your filemaker server. But this is not a Mac specific problem, it is a general problem.


            greetings from gemany