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      Mac mini Server

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      We are looking into purchasing a new computer to host our Filemaker Database on. Currently it is only being used by around 5 users currently but will be expanding in the near future. My question is whether or not the Mac mini would be a good choice to use for this database. If you have had experience using a Mac mini and Filemaker server please let me know what you like/dislike about this setup. Thanks!

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          We are running 3 mini's with great success.

          We have 2 with dual drive config's and one standard mini as our test environment

          They have been running since March, without issue.

          Our 2 production servers host 24 and 70 databases.

          The only drawback for us, single sign-on doesn't work.

          Small price to pay, to avoid constant re-booting of windows servers.

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            We are running FMS 10 and 11 on minis both with > 10 users, no problem.

            FM's preformance depends mainly on your harddisc speed. So we prefer an external mirrored harddrive to hold the data.