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    Making a clone of a database



      Making a clone of a database

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           We  went to a server version of Filemaker 12 last year.  I need to clone (save as) the current file but  is not available from my desktop even thought I have full access priveleges.  Do I go through the Admin Console or to the server to make a copy of the database?

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               Thank you for the post.


               The FileMaker Server 12 Admin Console may be used to download a copy of a hosted file.


               "To download one or more hosted databases:


               1. Choose Databases. 

               2. Open the Databases folder, the additional database folder, or the group folder, if required. 

               3. Select one or more Closed databases. 

               4. For Actions, select Download Database. 

               5. Click Perform Action. 

               6. In the dialog box that opens, choose a location for the database file, and click Download. 


               While the download is occurring, the status for the downloading databases changes to Status: Exclusive. When the download has completed, the status changes back to Status: Closed."


               For more see page 93 of the FileMaker Server 12 Help Guide.



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                 Thanks much.  Worked just fine.