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Making Changes to a Server Implementation

Question asked by CarlJohnson on Jun 17, 2015
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Making Changes to a Server Implementation

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I have uploaded a Filemaker solution to Filemaker Server 14. My question is, how does one go about making changes to the solution once it is on the server???

1) I know I can directly make changes to the server but as I do development work users of the system would be impacted as the code is developed.

2) I would rather download a copy to my Mac and do bug fixes and development work. Do I download a back up file and use that???

3) When I am done making changes how do I upload the changes to the server? Will any data on the server get overwritten from my uploaded files? I would not want any server data changed with the new version.

I have not seen any clear documentation on how to best do development on the server solution. Any help is appreciated.