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malformed web.config file

Question asked by mdscarpa on May 22, 2014


malformed web.config file

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     I am running Server 2008 R2 and just installed FM13 server. I set up the container fields to be stored externally on the server and I keep getting HTTP500 errors. I looked in IIS and found the webroot directory and noticed an index.html which I tried to navigate to from the server using http://localhost - I got the same error. I looked through IIS and got an error that translated to  malformed XML in the web.config file. I renamed the web.config file and was able to navigate to http://localhost/index.html no problem, if I renamed the web.config back that page won't load anymore. Everything I have is pointing to a problem with the web.config, but it is a new install so I don't see how it could be causing a problem. Has anyone else encountered this? I have limited XML knowledge so I'm not sure how to read the file. 


     Thanks in advance.