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Manual install of FM 9 webserver onto Apache

Question asked by pdh on Mar 30, 2009
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Manual install of FM 9 webserver onto Apache

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Hi, For reasons to complicated to go into here, I have a OSX 10.5 server running a custom Apache2 in /Library/Apache2 instead of the default location and the default Apple install is turned off. When I try and install the Filemaker Web Server stuff for php onto this machine it writes some files into /Library/Webserver/Share/ but I cannot find out what else it does. When I try and connect to the server from the filemaker deployment section in the admin console I get an error saying it can't talk to my web server.


Does anyone know what the installer does to the Apache files and config, and if there is a way to manually make my config work with Filemaker so I can put the php files on this machine. I don't want to run the standard apache on a different port as I need to have filemaker php files on the main web server.


thanks Paul.