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Manual server backup or download file from server

Question asked by Stu412 on May 5, 2015
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Manual server backup or download file from server

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I'm very new to FMS (last Friday) but I've connected my own client and have been using this with my DB on the server today.

What I have noticed on the client is that the 'File>>>>Save a copy as' is greyed out now, I can only presume because I'm running a server version.  I have full access rights.

So, presuming that's the case, I still want to have control over my backups as I frequently want to save and test things.  

1) How do I perform a manual backup on the FMS which can easily be restored should my new work break things?


2) How do I download the file from the server back to my local PC, whereupon I presume I can continue development locally and have the safety net of the 'Save a copy as' button?

Thanks in advance