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Question asked by erwinthos on Nov 19, 2013
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Mavericks & FileMaker server

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     I downloaded and started the installation of Mavericks on the computer that I use to host databases with File Maker Server 12.0v4. Only after I started the installation of Mavericks did I check the compatibility and found this on the File Maker site "Unable to install software or deploy solution. Update expected in the next few months" with reference to the current version of Filemaker Server and Mavericks. (I tried to abort the installation of Mavericks by powering off my computer but it will not boot in my old system - it restarts the Mavericks installation.) I presumes that when the installation of Mavericks completes, I will not be able to run FileMaker Server. Is there a work around? Can I host my FileMaker files with Filemaker 12.0v5 until FileMaker releases a compatible version of Filemaker Serve. Help!