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Maximum number of simultaneous FM connections = 0???

Question asked by kafunk on Feb 17, 2010
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Maximum number of simultaneous FM connections = 0???

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FMS 10  Windows Server 2008


I've set the max number of FM connections to 250, but there is a sentence above that setting that says "Maximum number of simultaneous FileMaker connections is 0."  I haven't seen anything like this in the installation information nor can I find any posts about it. I am not able to see the databases, but I can see the server.  I do not have access to this machine other than via RDC and did not do the initial deployment.  The license number is "unknown", but I obtained the license number and tried to enter it.  It says it's an invalid code.  Are these two items related?  How do I fix this?  I have a computer support person telling me it is a problem with the database, but I am successfully running it on a FMS 8 running Windows 2003.


No ODBC connections, no Web publishing - just old fashioned FM access.