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MiddleWords separator character?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Jul 5, 2012
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MiddleWords separator character?

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Is there a way to suppress a certain word separator?  I am trying to parse the results of an ExecuteSQL query into separate fields.  Using MiddleWords() would work well in a loop, except that some of my data may contain spaces:

middlewords("14|Delivery|Production Coordinator|23"; 3 ; 1 )

Returns "Production" only.  (I was going to use counters in place of the 3 and 1 for the loop.)  I have multiple lines returning, so don't want to use a CR or something as the record separator.  I used pipe just because I like em, and they are usually easy to handle.  Hand't realized, at the time, that it would work as a word separator for ###Words() functions.

Any suggestions about how to handle this?  Or better ways to parse the resulting SQL string?