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    Missing fields with IWP on FMSA9



      Missing fields with IWP on FMSA9

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      Would any know why the related fields would not show up when published online with IWP?  It all seems to work correctly when veiwed as a client. 


      Thanks, Larry

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          Thank you for your post.


          With Instant Web Publishing, you are using a browser to access FileMaker Pro records, and FileMaker Pro is doing its best to give that information to the browser.  Assuming the Instant Web Publishing users are logging in with privileges to View the Related Fields, FileMaker should display that information.  Since the fields are not showing, it could be caused by a corrupt layout.


          Try creating a new layout with the Related fields showing (do not duplicate a layout).  See if this information is showing.  If so, then remove the Related fields from the suspected Layout and add the fields back again.  This will reset the object information.  See if this is visible with Instant Web Publishing.


          Any additional information you can provide may be helpful in determining why this is occurring.



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            The problem documented in the link below describes and issue with IWP on Filemaker 10. Any chance the same issue exists with Filemaker 9?


            (read the very last post)


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