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Modal Dialog Window detai

Question asked by tomswell on Feb 28, 2014


Modal Dialog Window detai

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     I trying to emulate a dialog wing and can't figure how to eliminate white border on sized window that persists after invoking the following script. 

ToDo: Open print todo window

Freeze Window

New Window [ Name: "ToDo Print"; Height: 94; Width: 196; Top: 500; Left: 800; Style: Dialog; Close: “Yes”; Minimize: “No”; Maximize:

“No”; Zoom Control Area: “No”; Resize: “No” ]

Go to Layout [ “TC_printMenu” (timecards) ]

Adjust Window

[ Resize to Fit ]

Show/Hide Toolbars

[ Hide ]

Allow Formatting Bar [ Off ]



     I've paid close attention to dimensions of objects and  white  border seem to persist on bottom and right sides.

       ... trusting PNG uploaded is visible