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Modifying Database on FileMaker Server

Question asked by drduane on Apr 8, 2015
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Modifying Database on FileMaker Server

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I am a neubie FileMaker Admin/Developer for a small company with no other FileMaker expertise in the company. As we approach going live I have been trying to find the best practice for modifying/updating a database file that is being hosted on a FileMaker 13 Server. My development platform is FileMaker 13 Pro Advanced - currently not located on the server.

Obviously I can download the database file and make small changes and put back on the server during off hours when no one is using the database. What I am not clear on is a large change that might take days (or weeks) and the database is in use with new data being loaded while I'm making changes. What is the best practice to make significant changes and keep the data in sync? What is the best practice for making table changes where new fields are added and data needs to be migrated to the new table structure?

Any advise would be much appreciated.