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Moved our FileMaker Server (13) offsite to a data center. Not pleased with performance.

Question asked by jpiper on Jan 26, 2015
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Moved our FileMaker Server (13) offsite to a data center. Not pleased with performance.

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Hi all,

I'm having a problem with our hosted filemaker solution so I wanted to pick your brains and see if anyone knows what our issue could be.

Up until today we were running our FMS install on my desktop computer in the office. i7 chip, 16GB Ram & SSD drive.

I moved the solution last night to a data center that we're renting a server from (dedicated server). Server is running Xeon chip, 8GB ram and 500GB Raid drives.

Things such as viewing a single record, uploading attachments, downloading attachments, etc are all working perfect.

The two issues we're running into are:


    Some layouts are wanting to sort records on every load. We never had ANY sorting happening on the local setup (or if we did it was instant). I now have employees having to wait on the confirmation box "xxx records waiting to be sorted" to finish.


    The other issue (most important) is some of our list view layouts are basically non response on the remote connection. We have a layout that lists all work orders in our system. My guess would be 1000+ records with multiple relations each being listed. The response on this layout was flawless when hosted locally. Remotely though, it has a solid 2-5 second delay on the scroll. It's basically unusable.


Things I have done / attempted: - I followed the guide for setting up a new server from the FM documentation. Disabled indexing, etc, etc.


    I've monitored CPU, RAM and HDD readouts while other employees browse the problem databases / layouts and haven't noticed any issues. Although my gut is telling me this could be related to leaving the SSD drive!?!?


    I just finished stripping some relations and the design template from the layout that's lagging for us (list view, 1000+ records) and the speed improved slightly but this doesn't make sense to me. Reverted for now.


Thanks for your time everyone.