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Moving FileMaker Server 10 to a new machine

Question asked by stevenkw on Apr 12, 2010
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Moving FileMaker Server 10 to a new machine

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I did not listen to the good advice and eneded up installing FileMaker Server 10 on a file server.  The storage for the server has died but the FileMaker Server is still running happily on the boot drive of the server. I have been runnng this way for several months but now I really need to get FileMaker Server on to a machine of it's own and rebuild the file server.


I now have a dedicated machine for FileMaker Server. is the following the correct procedure for moving to the new system?


Stop serving and close all databases on the file servermachine.

Back up Database Folder

Turn off file server machine. (this machine has nothing on it and will be rebuilt in the future)

Install FileMaker Server on new FileMaker Server machine.

Copy Database Folder on to new FileMaker Server machine.

Open and share all Database.

re-configure back up schedules.


Does this sound right? If the 2 servers see each other will it cause problems? Am I missing anything major?


Thank you and sorry for asking such a basic question I just am really parinoid about moving data around.


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