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Moving from FileMaker Pro 11 to FileMaker Server 12

Question asked by NathanVeitch on Apr 23, 2013


Moving from FileMaker Pro 11 to FileMaker Server 12

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     Hi There,

     I need to find out information about an installation i am doing for a client. Currently they are using FileMaker Pro 11 to run their FM program. I have setup FM Server Pro 12 and what I want to do is move the current FM 11 system which is being hosted on a PC running FM Pro 11 to FM Server Pro 12. 

     The way I understand it is that all we would have to do is drop the current FM 11 files into FM 12 to do the conversion and then upload them to the new FM Server Pro 12 instance. Then load FM Pro 12 on all the client machines and in the morning the users should be good to go. Is this correct? Or is there some other thigns that I would need to take in to concideration before the users go live with the old version. 

     We are currently developing a new system for my client and once that system has been properly developed and tested, then we will import all the data from the old system into the new system. We will then do the cut over and load the new system onto the FM Server 12. How do I go about making it that the users will only need to click a FileMaker icon on the desktop and that will launch the program, without the user having to open FileMaker and remote to the server? Would that be the runtime version, or is there another way of doing it?