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Moving from FMS8 to FMS9

Question asked by PaulS on Feb 12, 2012


Moving from FMS8 to FMS9

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Hi All,

This is my first exposure to Filemaker and need some guidance please.

I have a client who has a database running FMS8 on SBS2003. We are going to move them to FMS9 running on SVR2008R2.

I am stuck getting the database to work on FMS9. I upload the database in to FSM9 without any errors and all seems ok. When i open the database with FM9 Pro i get an error "There is a problem with the "Database name". Please verify that the "Database Name" is not damaged before proceeding." I cannot do anything with this database.

If i open the databaase directly from FP9Pro the database works fine.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this or how to fix this?