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Moving from LAN to WAN and security concerns

Question asked by DouglasReid on Apr 3, 2013


Moving from LAN to WAN and security concerns

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     Our FMP database is currently networked on the office LAN, the database now needs to be accessible to team members in another country and I am looking at hosting the database with a company that offers FMP Server 12 hosting.
     Users will log in via a FMP client to access the database. I am concerned about how the data is transferred across the internet and how much of a security risk this is?
     Our data is not super sensitive, and I have read that FMP Server has some inbuilt encryption if 'Secure connections to FMP Server' is enabled that uses TripleDES with HMAC-SHA1 for integrity checking to protect user account info and data.
     Another option which is much more expensive is VPS hosting and SSL - although this could have a performance effect and feels like over kill for our needs.
     Any advice would be a great help.
     Many Thanks,