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    moving to new server



      moving to new server

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      our company recently purchased a new server to house the FM Pro 8 database application and data. I am their IT consultant and I have no experience with FM. 


      Is there a doc or howto detailing what steps should be taken in moving the app and data to this new server?  I can follow the install guide for the application itself, my real concern is how to import or move the database to the new server?


      Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi tksii,

          Thanks for posting!


          Unfortunately we do not have a doc covering the migration of FileMaker Server to another machine.  However, regardless of Server version the same rules typically apply:

          -In the FileMaker Server Admin Console, close out all of your databases.  You can do this by choosing 'close all' from the action drop down menu or by right + click (win) or ctrl + click (mac) the databases.


          -Once the databases' status all say closed you can copy the database folder to the desktop.  The default database folder locations are here (Note: verify if there are any other additional database folder locations):

          Win: Program Files > FileMaker > FileMaker Server > Data > Databases

          Mac: Library > FileMaker Server > Data > Databases 


          -At this point, you can go ahead and install FileMaker Server on your second machine.  Once it is installed, you can copy the database folder over top of the one created during your new install (or you can just copy the databases themselves into the new database folder)   


          Please note that this is also assuming that the company is hosting files via FileMaker Server.  If they are just hosting with FileMaker Pro, then all you would need to do is copy your databases to the second machine and install FileMaker Pro.


          If you're running FileMaker Server 8 check out our document listed here:



          Once you click on the link, scroll down and expand FileMaker Server 8.  Next, click on the FileMaker Server 8 Administrator's Guide.

          Alternatively, you can get to this doc by: www.filemaker.com > support > downloads > documentation and publications > product documentation > search the archives link 


          This is a great resource for installing and configuring FileMaker Server 8.  Chapter 2 can even be a good template for the migration process.


          Let me know if there is anything else I can clarify for you.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Thank you for your post.


            The FileMaker Pro database files can be moved to another server without any special conditions.  However, if you are using FileMaker Server, then several conditions that must be met.  You would need to first uninstall FileMaker Server from the original server, and this is well-documented in one of our Knowledge Base articles.  Please read:




            Follow the installation guide to install FileMaker Server on the new server, and put the database files where it is recommended.


            If you run into any difficulty or need clarification, please let me know.



            FileMaker, Inc.