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      Hello all,


      Probably quite an easy situation that we have here, but I just want to make sure we're following the right path. We're upgrading a number of our servers, including our Filemaker-server. We have only one custom app that uses FMS. The client will not be changed.


      We now have:

      - Windows server 2003 Standard edition 32 bit

      - Filemaker Server 9


      We'll be moving to:

      -  Windows server 2008 R2 64 bit


      Our software partner doesn't know for sure if FMS9 supports W2008R2 64 bit. He wants to sell us server 10, but we're a very small educational organisation, so the less we spend, the better it is. Is this a sales trick or does FMS9 really not support Windows 2008 and/or 64 bit??


      So, my questions:

      - Is FMS9 compatible with W2008R2 64 bit??

      - Is there an easy guide how we can move it from one server to another?? The old server will be disconnected completely in a few days after move.

      - If we do have to upgrade to FMS10, is there a quide for our situation?? So moving to other server and upgrading from FMS9 to FMS10??



      Best regards,


      Tha -=KinGuiN=-

      ps. I'm no expert in FMS, I do have experience with other database-software and Windows.

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          Tha -=KinGuiN=-:


          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Server 9 was neither tested nor certified with Windows 2008 Server.


          FileMaker Server 10 was tested and certified with Windows 2008 Server R1.  Since then, R2 has been released, and no problems have been reported that are attributed solely to R2.


          If you are going to move to another server and install FileMaker Server 10, just place your database files in the same directory/folder where the files resided with FileMaker Server 9.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Hi TSGal,


            Thank you for the reply. We'll then be upgrading to FMS10. :)




            Tha -=KinGuiN=-