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multi-office database sharing question. Please help

Question asked by GregSchnider on Aug 4, 2011
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multi-office database sharing question. Please help

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I am going to build a database for about 5 people to share. I work for a massive company and they aren't really interested in helping me with this project. I can install FM Pro Advanced on my local machine, FM Pro on a couple machines in the office and store the DB file on the local shared drive without a problem. the problem is that I need a couple people in an out of state office to have access as well. They would need to read/write/edit and run reports etc. they don't need to customize the db, just input and manipulate data. My company has a server, but I probably won't be able to get them to host the DB without a huge headache. I'm in D.C. the other users are in Chicago and the servers are in NY.

Can anyone think of a work-around or solution for me?

Also, can anyone give me a brief description of what would be required and how this all works for installation and use of FM server or FM pro advanced for me to give to my IT department?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much.