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    Multi-user error message: 10048



      Multi-user error message: 10048

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      I am getting the following error message for 1 file amongst 45 other files that are working perfectly fine: Filemaker cannot host a file because of a network error. Files marked as mult-user will not be available over the network. (10048). Does anybody know how I can set the sharing option to Multi-user (Hidden) without this message appearing. It's odd that it happens for only 1 file and just happened all of a sudden not afterrrebooting etc. I'm using Filemaker Sever 5 (Windows 2000) and Pro 5 (XP). Any suggesstions on resolving this without a re-boot? Thanks

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          Unfortunately, we no longer support FileMaker version 5, so that may be the reason why no one has responded.


          If you have 45 files being hosted, and only one has this problem, then something has told FileMaker Server this file cannot be shared.  My gut feeling is that you would need to reboot.  You may want to let everyone know that the machine will be taken down for a brief maintenance at a certain time so everyone can be prepared for this.  Also, try to do it when it is the least disruption.  Late Evening or early morning hours may be a possibility.



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