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    Multiple FileMaker users (10+)



      Multiple FileMaker users (10+)

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      I'm currently on a network where seven doctors access a single FileMaker database. The database is managed by a single doctor (ie. Edited, Uploaded etc.) The six remaining doctors access it as needed from the designated network share folder. Long story short, I expect we'll be aquiring new physicians in the near future and  was wondering if FileMaker Server is required in order for 10+ users to access a database. From what I understand, the advantages of having FM Server are all things already implemented into my network like automated backups, remote access etc. So cut and dry, all I need to know is is FM Server MANDATORY for 10+ users?


      I guess another way to pose my question is if I have a FileMaker database on a server and 11 clients trying to access the file without FileMaker Server running, would there be a problem?



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          Yes. Its 9 users as clients and 1 host user. Anything more and you will need FMS. You could use IWP but it has its limitations and you would have to adjust your layouts, scripts, etc accordingly.


          I know the price is much higher than Pro but getting Server is the proper thing.