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Multiple identical Connected Clients in fmps 11 and Lion

Question asked by NicolayFlaaten on Aug 18, 2011
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Multiple identical Connected Clients in fmps 11 and Lion

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We have one server with fmps 11.03.309 and OSX Lion Server.

I have experienced several times the last 14 days that it is now possible to login to the server direct after a crash and on the server Admin console the user is listed more than one time. Before a user could not reconnect, but had to wait until the user was removed from the Connected clients list.

This causes the server to be unstable, and other users will experience a sluggish server or be disconnected, and then they also can reconnect and get multiple connections.

Then I have disconnected all users or stopped the Database server, and made a restart and told the users that after a crash they have to wait at least 4 minutes before they reconnect.

Is this a bug in Lion and Fmps 11 ? I have users on Osx 10.7 and 10.6.8 and both can relogin and cause the error.

Hopfully Filemaker soon will update fmps and Apple will fix all the errors in Lion and Lion server.

Regard Nicolay